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At Richard’s Towing & Junk Cars, we always emphasize the need to understand your car’s condition. What percentage of its parts are usable? What’s your car’s mileage? On the other hand, it might be that your junk car has been eating away at your savings and you’re sure it isn’t worth much. Our team maintains a 5-Star reputation throughout the Aurora area because we take the time to walk car owners through the process and we do our best to convey all available options. This way, customers are able to gain a full understanding of their car’s overall condition, allowing them to make an informed decision about whether to sell or keep their junk car.

If you have a single takeaway, remember this: if the repair costs exceed the value of your vehicle, you may want to stop into our shop to discuss selling it. Junk cars can have more value than you might’ve anticipated. Has your car remained driveable and operable after sustaining significant damage? If your car’s engine is working, for example, and is able to drive down the road, you will be able to sell it for quite a bit more than a car that won’t start.

At Richard’s, we level with our customers. To give another example, let’s say your car has upwards of 300,000 miles and it’s been in a few accidents. If the engine isn’t turning over, it may just be destined for a scrap metal yard. However, in the majority of cases, Richard’s provides quick cash for your vehicle. Which reminds us, we encourage customers to make a point of shopping around. Don’t take our word or even our customers’ word for it. You may be able to get a quote more quickly if you can provide the VIN number when you’re talking with a buyer or filling out a form. Always be sure to ask relevant questions. When will they pick up your junk car? How quickly will you get the cash payment? In any case, we’re confident that you’ll get peace of mind in visiting multiple junkyards and hearing a range of offers. And who knows, ask around in the Aurora community enough and you may even hear friends and family mention a place called Richard’s Towing & Junk Cars!

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